Hair testing for ADHD and Aluminium

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder kid

Hair analysis tests show an alarming number of children with ADHD also have high levels of the toxic metal aluminium in their bodies. Parents who have children suffering ADHD are noticing this but authorities are not noticing their concerns.

Aluminium is classified as a \”light\” metal just shy of being classified a heavy metal and is feared by a growing number of health professionals as being partially responsible for the alarming increase of ADHD in children.

Aluminium is used by vaccine developers to try to boost the hosts immune response to the antigen that is injected into the body. The antigen is what the body responds to in order to make antibodies which theoretically should strengthen the immune systems response to foreign invasion. Modern medicine is still not sure how this really happens and is still considered to be a mystery as findings are inconsistent and concerns are raised whether aluminum is actually necessary.

Many vaccines contain aluminum, such as Hepatitis A & B, DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis), HPV vaccine, Hib vaccine, Pneumococcal vaccine. Please note that this is not a complete list and researching further is necessary before any informed decision can be made.

To view more information on this subject, watch a video interview with Dr. David Ayoub who is considered an expert in this field and is the director of the Prairie Collaborative for Immunization.

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