Can I Have a Hair Drug Kit Sent?

If you cannot attend the clinic due to your location we can send the hair drug kit to yourself or to a nominated third party.

Before you decide where the kit should go or who will cut the hair for collection, the first decision you need to make is whether this matter will go to court or not. If you are testing for personal reasons then this issue is not relevant and your choice should be one of convenience. However,  if results are to have any legal standing then this is critical you get it right. If the recommended collection procedure is not adhered to or the chain of evidence is broken you will NOT be able to use these results in court…..they will be worthless.

For legal matters we strongly recommend the kits be mailed directly to the person responsible for hair collection to avoid any legal repercussions such as the results being not admissible in court. The less contact the person being tested with the kit the better. Because the kits are sealed the person being tested can receive them directly but we strongly advise not to take this option unless there is no choice.

The person nominated to act as your collector needs to be at “arms length” that means it can NOT be a friend, acquaintance or relative. Tests conducted under these circumstances will have poor to no legal relevance which will most likely lead to redoing the test at your own additional expense. You want to make sure you get this right as the process is costly and there are no refunds once the lab goes ahead!

The hair “Collector” must be a person of good professional and social standing who is recognised by government registration bodies. Ideally is should be a medical doctor, nurse or solicitor. This ensures the collector will follow the hair collection protocol without bias as their registration is at risk should they misrepresent any events or facts.

Should you have a court order that specifies where the test should be conducted and by whom, naturally you would be required to follow the order precisely.

Whoever you nominate as the “Collector” check  they are prepared to undertake this legal responsibility. It is a rare situation where they would be required to testify on your behalf but it is possible, no-one can give assurances when it comes to legal matters. Should you decide to nominate a GP as the collector make sure the environment you are tested in is clean of any pharmaceuticals as you want to avoid accidental contamination. The kit comes with a disposable paper table mat and plastic gloves so make sure these are utilised during the testing.

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The Kit contains Easy Step by Step Instructions

  • How to take the hair sample correctly  (Click here for  instructions as to how to take a hair sample).
  • How to seal the evidence correctly
  • How to Document the procedure correctly
  • How to sent us the completed test and documentation

What you need to provide us

  • Where the kit is to be sent  name, phone number, email and address
  • Collector’s name, phone number, email and address
  • Hair donor’s name, phone number, email and address (person being tested)
  • Payment for the drug hair testing- Call the clinic to pay via credit card or Buy Online


The collection of hair must be collected and documented properly and must include:

  • Reliable identification of the individual being tested. Only drivers licence or passport would be accepted. For young infants a photograph of the infant accompanied by their birth certificate would suffice.
  • Sample collection date
  • Sample collection location
  • Signatures of the collector and donor
  • All seals to be intact so chain of custody remains intact.
  • Any other information such as medications taken or hair treatments must be disclosed at the time of testing. Certain prescribed medications and hair treatments could potentially produce false positive or negative results.


What happens once I return the kit?

  • Once we receive the hair sample and payment, it is sent to an Australian Forensic Laboratory and in 5-7 business days we will receive the results which will then be either mail or email (or both) as per the hair donor’s preference. We only mail results via registered mail.
  • The lab can detect very low levels of drugs hence even the most occasional user will be detected.  It also tests for a wide range of different categories of drugs, to view drugs tested click here. Other cheaper labs depending on their methods may only detect chronic users and miss entirely occasional social users. In addition, the final report is peer reviewed by 3 forensic scientists hence once the report is finalised arguing its validity will be near impossible as the coroner’s office and police departments also use the same lab. The lab’s reputation is impeccable and results trusted by authorities right across Australia.
  • The final lab report will simply state what drugs are found inside the hair shaft that the body has metabolised and also what was found during the hair wash for external contamination. If any drugs are found they are listed individually along with their drug levels. There is no further analysis simply what was found and how much was found. The lab’s role is purely for detection purposes,  it does not offer any explanations or interpretations.
  • Should you receive a positive drug test result and you require further clarification, then you can request a written analysis of what these results mean by our Forensic Toxicologist Dr. Michael Robertson for an additional fee. Dr. Robertson’s opinion is invaluable, as he is a nationally recognised expert in drug hair testing and is often called upon by the courts to give evidence as an expert witness. To view his CV click here. You may also request Dr. Robertson to personally appear on your behalf to represent you in court (additional court fees apply).


For further information go to our FAQ’s . Should any question not be covered in our FAQ section please call the clinic on (03) 9380 8099 for further assistance.


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