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Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 7.30 pm
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Our Fees

Hair Testing Fees:
Hair mineral and toxic metal analysis $255
Hair drug testing $995
Hair drug kit (mailed with instructions) $35

The cost of hair mineral and toxic metal analysis is $255

  • The lab report is a comprehensive written report that includes coloured graphical representations. This report will provide information of the levels detected but can not provide any in depth interpretation or treatment recommendations as everybody’s medical history varies (some are more complex than others) and all must be carefully considered before any action is taken. For this reason we recommend you see a qualified health professional such as a Naturopath trained in this field (as not all are) to consider all the facts. Interpreting the report is a specialised field as levels of individual substances as well as the ratios of these substances need accurate interpretation.
  • Payment for hair mineral and toxic metal testing is required before we send the hair sample to the lab.
  • Should you require a Naturopathic consultation additional fees apply.
  • We accept cash, direct deposit, debit card or credit card. Sorry no personal cheques and no discounts.


The cost for forensic hair drug testing is $995

Results from hair drug testing will simply state what type of drugs and at what quantities (measured in nanograms) were found for a specific segment of time.

In most circumstances, a single time frame should suffice unless the donor is required to prove they were exposed without their consent and wanted to show they normally do not take drugs or they no longer ingest drugs. In these cases, 2 separate time frames would be tested, one prior and one after the said drug ingested period. Should 2 separate time frames be required, then there will be double the cost, as the hair would need to be tested twice.

The length of hair will determine what time period can be tested. If you wanted to test the last 3 months you would need to have a minimum of 3cm of hair. If you wanted to test the last 6 months then 6cm of hair would be required as head hair grows approximately 1 cm per month. The recommended length is 3-6 months as time lines become burly after 6 months as not all hair follicles grow at the exact same rate, so the longer the hair,  the greater the time discrepancy as your hairdresser would testify!

Please note the final forensic drug detection report only comments on a positive or a negative result and does not include any analysis, interpretation or comments other than the type of drugs and quantities found. Should further interpretation be required, our forensic toxicologist Dr Michael Robertson can assist for an additional fee. His fee would depend on what services are required e.g. verbal/written reports, expert witness for court hearings, court attendance etc..

Payment for hair drug testing is required at the time of your appointment. We accept cash, direct deposit, debit card or credit card. Sorry, no personal cheques.

The cost of a hair drug testing kit is $35

For those that can not attend in person for an appointment at our clinic, a hair drug testing kit can be mailed directly to the hair collector. Full and clear instructions are included in the kit. For more information click here


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