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What are the Cost of Hair Mineral & Drug testing


The cost of hair mineral and toxic metal analysis is $245, the cost for hair drug test is $950, this includes a comprehensive written report with coloured graphs.

The cost of hair mineral and toxic metal analysis is $245. 
The cost for hair drug testing is $950.

Payment: payment for hair mineral and toxic metal testing is required before we send the hair sample to the lab. We accept cash, direct deposit, debit card or credit card. Sorry no personal cheques and also no discounts.

This includes a comprehensive written report with coloured graphs.

We also recommend you see your health professional once you receive your results to assist you further as it is a rather large amount of information that can be complex when deciding treatment options.

This report will simply state what drugs where found with a positive result in the segment of hair tested. It does not include any further analysis or comments.

Each hair segment represents a segment of time. So if you wanted to test the first 3 months (3cm of hair from the hair root) the cost is $950. If you then wanted to test in addition the previous 6 months (hair cut 6 cm from the hair root) the cost is a further $950.

So for both these separate time periods the charge is $950 plus $950 = $1,890. You would only need to do this if you needed to prove that you do not regularly use a particular drug and that you were exposed to this drug for only a brief period of time.

Most people just need to prove they are drug free and don’t need to bother with 2 time segments. The length of hair will determine what time period/segment can be tested. So for 3 cm of hair this will test a 3 month period costing $950 or for 9 cm of hair this will test 9 months period.

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Should you already have a positive drug test (hair, saliva or urine) and require a forensic toxicologist to interpret and/or argue your case in a written report the cost is $660. This is most useful in legal situations to prove or disprove allegations.

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Naturopathic Appointment Fee Schedule

  • Naturopathic Interpretation of Hair Analysis Report: $98. You must come in with your hair analysis report as only your report will be discussed during this consultation.
  • Initial Naturopathic Consultation: $130. This fee is charged when you need your hair analysis report interpreted and also require further Naturopathic assessment at the time of the consultation.

Payment is expected on the day of the consultation and missed appointment fees are charged if 24 hours notice is not provided.

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