Getting Started with Hair Mineral & Heavy Metal Testing in 5 Easy Steps

Order your hair mineral & heavy metal test in 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1 : Prepare your hair sample correctly.

Step 2: Complete and submit the online Health Questionnaire that will automatically email.

Step 3: Choose a Hair Analysis Option

Step 4: Order & Pay for the test.

Step 5: Mail your Hair Sample to 68 Melville Road Brunswick Vic 3055

Step 1: Preparing Your Hair sample for Mineral & Toxic Metal Test

  • Use only high grade stainless steel scissors that are CLEAN. Rusted or dirty scissors will contaminate your hair sample.
  • Cut a hair sample from the back of your head (nape) as close as possible to the scalp as this reflects the body’s most recent metabolic activity.
  • Cut an amount no more than 4 cm long (1.5 inches) that weighs approx. 1 gram (about 2 full tablespoons of hair). Hair grows approximately 1 cm per month.
  • If your hair is long send the part closest to your scalp and discard the rest. Do not send hair that has been chemically modified (dyed, bleached or permed), only send your natural hair for accurate results.
  • Place your hair sample in a clean new envelope CLEARLY LABELLED with your name. Once you have the sample of hair in the first envelope then use another envelope to post it to us. DO NOT staple the hair or place it near metal such as aluminium foil.

Please make sure you use 2 envelopes as we will need the hair separate to avoid contamination when we open your mail. Please include proof of payment if you paid on line.

IMPORTANT: Avoid mineral based shampoos such as anti- dandruff hair treatments as they are zinc based and it will most certainly show an elevation of zinc levels on hair analysis as it deposits zinc onto the hair shaft.  We suggest avoiding mineral based shampoos for about 3 washes to ensure there’s no residue which can affect results.

You need to have at least 1 cm of hair growth as this will represent approximately 1 month of hair growth.

Head hair is always the most reliable. If not enough head hair is available wait until there is more hair growth. Do not mix head hair samples with body, armpit, beard or pubic hair samples, as the lab can only test head hair accurately.

Our laboratory uses state of the art equipment and can rule out any source of external contamination and produce accurate and reliable results. Once you have taken the sample and prepared it for postage make sure you also complete your Health Questionnaire. Your Health Questionnaire is part of your assessment that provides valuable information so they can consolidate results and write a report

To check if you have right mineral balance and no heavy metal poisoning

Order your hair analysis test

If you live locally our reception staff are NOT able to cut your hair for you due to health and safety regulations. If you need assistance you can make an appointment to see one of our practitioners who will be able to take the hair sample. Please note that a consultation fee does apply for this service so it’s best you get someone at home to help you as it is a simple procedure and its saves you unnecessary expense.


Step2: Online Health Questionnaire

In order to accurately report on hair mineral an heavy metal testing, it is critical to complete the health questionnaire as without it, the report process is less relevant. Please fill in your details below and choose 5 most predominant symptoms/conditions that you suffer from.

Health Questionnaire

Your full name (required):

Your Email (required):






Post Code:


Mobile no:

Date of Birth:

Sex: MaleFemale

Pregnant: YesNoNot Applicable

Height(in cm): Weight(in kg):

Current Medications:

Shampoo:StandardDandruff Treatment

Hair Sample Location:

Natural Hair Colour: Hair Treatment:

Muscle & Bone: Heart & Blood:

Intestinal Area: Kidney:

Neurological: Emotional:

Male problems: Female problems:



Reason for Test & Details of Last 2 Vaccinations (Year & Type):

I am ordering the Hair Mineral and Heavy Metal Test and Reports (Profile 2)

Please Note: a 20% administration fee is applicable upon cancellation prior to laboratory work.Once Laboratory work starts no refunds.

Please mail your hair sample to: Hair Sample Testing, Attention Dr Voula Roumel, Brunswick Health Clinic 68 Melville Road Brunswick West Vic 3055 Australia

Order your hair analysis test

Step 3: What are your options?


Essentially you can just order the hair mineral and heavy metal test and if you think you need help understanding the results, you can also make an appointment to consult with one of our Naturopaths either in person or by phone.

Our Naturopath will explain your results in such a way that it will be of greater value to you. It’s no use having all this great information if you’re not too sure what to do with it.

Option A: Hair Mineral and Heavy Metal Report

The report will show clearly your results in a coloured graph format. It will show your mineral levels, heavy metal toxic levels and their ratios (relationship with each other).

In addition to providing a clear graphic representation of your results, a written explanation is also provided that discusses the results in further detail. It is recommended that you provide your health professional a copy of your report for further advise and assessment.

Purchase your hair analysis test today!


Option B: A 30 minute Phone Consultation with our Naturopath

For those that have their own hair mineral and heavy metal report and just need help understanding it further, you can now call the clinic and arrange a 30 minute phone consultation with one of our Naturopaths.

Please note we DO NOT call outside Australia, you must call in if you live overseas. For international callers our phone number is: +61-3-9380-8099. Make your appointment for our local time


Option C: A 30 minute Appointment at the Clinic with our Naturopath

For those that live local and need help, it’s best to come to the clinic and see one of our Naturopaths in person.

Please note that this appointment will solely concentrate on your hair analysis report findings and your examination will be in relation to what your results indicate.

To phone for an appointment call (03) 9380 8099.

Please arrange this appointment only after you have received your Mineral & Heavy Metal Hair Reports.


Step 4: Order Test

Step 5: Mail your hair sample to

Hair Sample Testing & Analysis
Brunswick Health
68 Melville Road
Brunswick Vic 3055

It is recommended that you place your hair sample in a separate envelope that you will then place in another envelope to mail to us. This means your hair sample will not fall out when we open your letter.

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