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Are You Protected From Copper Poisoning?

Did you know that one of the leading causes of migraines is copper poisoning and an excessive toxicity of copper in the body? This is something that can commonly occur, and if you currently are being plagued with migraines, then you may need to examine the levels of copper toxicity in your body to detect whether or not you are safe.


How does copper poisoning affect your health?

We have already discussed how the toxicity of copper in the body can cause painful and intense migraines, but are there other ways that the excess of these heavy metals can affect your health? Here are a few examples:

  • Mental illness
  • Intense premenstrual symptoms, including miscarriages and infertility
  • Inability to metabolize protein
  • Aneurysms
  • Insomnia

With these symptoms in mind, it is so important to know the sources of the toxicity of copper and how you can prevent damage to your health.

What are the sources of copper poisoning?

The toxicity of copper in the body can often come from the excessive use of supplements, a strict vegetarian diet, and also a zinc deficiency. Furthermore, if you are drinking or eating any food that is contaminated with copper, then you also risk damage to your health.

In many cases, women who have a copper IUD as a form of birth control will have direct effects on their health in the form of copper poisoning. Specific cases of severe migraine conditions were directly from using a copper IUD as a form of birth control. This device is approved by the FDA, and the FDA does add that, “human data regarding the risk for birth defects from copper exposure are limited”, so it is safe to use this device. However, the user does need to be aware that it is not without the risk of potential copper poisoning in some cases.


How can you prevent copper poisoning?

First of all, it may be necessary to evaluate your diet if you are vegetarian or have a zinc deficiency. You also must examine your food and drinking water  from copper pipes to make sure that you are not ingesting any copper from those sources.

Furthermore, you should examine your methods of birth control, even if you are taking the pill or using an IUD.

If you feel like you may have been exposed to the toxicity of copper, then your next step is to get a hair analysis test to determine the level of the toxins in your body.

How does hair analysis test help it?

A hair analysis test is for the purpose of determining what levels of copper may already be in your bodily tissue. This is preferred to a blood test because it allows you to use the growth of your hair through hair testing for heavy metals to determine your level of copper exposure. Simply put, a hair analysis test will allow you to discover the metabolic causes behind your copper poisoning to be able treat it effectively.

If you do test positive for the toxicity of copper, treatment options are available to you. Some of them may include detoxification, manganese supplements to impede copper absorption, or prescribed medications.

This is the most effective way to improve your health and protect yourself from any further damage from these heavy metals.

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