Hair Sample Testing and Hair Analysis Guarantee

1. Reliable Accurate Testing


We have carefully researched and considered which laboratories to use and there are only a few in the world worth trusting.

Our priority was to make sure the labs had impeccable reputations when it came to reliability, accountability, regularly calibrated their equipment, exercised strict protocol when handling samples and were government regulated.

For mineral and toxic metal poisoning we use a lab in the USA and for drug hair testing we use a lab in Australia. Drug testing is a specialised area and it often carries legal implications hence lab reputation is essential.


2. We are a real clinic that has been established since 1990 in Melbourne Australia

We are not a virtual clinic that can simply disappear from cyberspace at a press of a few buttons. Our Practitioners are all licensed practitioners and are registered by government bodies that guarantee we are qualified to give you professional advice.


3. We offer Independent Forensic Consulting

Should you require an independent opinion from a qualified forensic toxicologist for drug related matters email the clinic to arrange an appointment with Dr Michael Robertson B.Sc. (Hon), PhD (Forensic Medicine). Dr. Robertson is often travelling giving his opinion as an expert expert witness hence the fastest way to contact him is via email.

More information on Dr Michael Robertson


4.We offer Naturopathic Consulting

Should you require further advise from a qualified naturopath regarding mineral or heavy metal related health matters call the clinic to arrange an appointment on 03 9380 8099 . If you already see a health practitioner getting a second opinion is still a good idea as experience varies from one practitioner to another.


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