Hair Testing Clinic

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Welcome to Our Hair Testing & Analysis Clinic

We are a group of health practitioners located in Brunswick Melbourne offering a wide range of professional services that include Hair Drug Testing and Hair Mineral & Heavy Metal Testing and Analysis.

We have been established since 1990 and in 2005 added the service of Hair Testing due to advancements in science. Originally we only offered Hair Mineral and Heavy Metal Toxicity testing, as our primary aim was to assess the health of our patients but received so many enquiries regarding Drug Hair Testing that we later decided to include this service. It seems people were struggling to find a clinic that offered Hair Drug Testing so as we were already testing for mineral and heavy metal toxicity in hair it was a small step towards offering the additional service that so many wanted.

Our thorough investigations led us to choose reputable labs that were either government owned or regulated. For more information on the labs please click here.

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