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Hair Testing Analysis

Hair Testing Analysis

Drug Hair Testing Lab

The forensic science laboratory we use is located in Australia and is under strict government regulations. The Attorney-General’s Department conducts testing for the Coroners Office & Police Departments right across Australia at the same lab. The laboratory uses sophisticated technology that is NATA approved and can test for low levels of drug ingestion hence it can detect occasional social drug users. All reports are peer reviewed by 3 forensic toxicologists so is water tight for legal purposes.

Mineral and Heavy Metal Hair Testing Lab

The Lab we use for mineral and heavy metal hair testing is located in the USA and is licensed by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Clinical Laboratories Improvement Act,1988 No. 45-D0481787.

The laboratory has an international reputation and is independently assessed for accuracy and reliability. They are subject to government regulations and strict guidelines which protect consumers from poor practices. Unfortunately, not all laboratories invest in new equipment nor do they calibrate their equipment regularly hence results can vary so it is the case of “you get what you pay for” when outdated cheaper labs are used in countries where government authorities do not investigate their general practices.

The Lab uses atomic absorption spectrometry to assess the mineral content of hair. The hair is dissolved in acid and exposed to extremely high temperatures to break it down into its individual components. This method provides precise measurements.

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