Meet Our Forensic Toxicologist Dr. Michael Robertson

Dr. Michael Robertson is a qualified Forensic Toxicologist with over 22 years of professional experience. He is a nationally recognised expert in hair testing for drugs and alcohol, he has held positions as a senior scientist and management roles in forensic toxicology. He perform scientific tests on bodily fluids and tissue samples. His involvement or exposure to his work field has skilled him as one of the substantial member of our team.

He is Independent expert and consultant:He is able to offer independent expertise and consultation in testing and interpretation of alcohol and drug test results (urine, saliva, blood and hair), both verbally or in the form of expert reports. He frequently provides testimony as an expert witness to courts of law throughout Australia.

A senior scientist in Forensic toxicology: He has held positions both nationally and internationally as a senior scientist and management roles in forensic toxicology and trained at the Victorian institute of Forensic Medicine Melbourne.

He has been Awarded & extensively published in peer-reviewed journals: Dr. Robertson has been awarded a number of scholarships and is extensively published in peer-reviewed journals. He is a consulting trainer and advisor in workplace drug and alcohol testing and his findings have laid the foundation for the current Victorian Government’s drugs in driving legislation and ultimately to the current use of random roadside drug testing.

Dr. Robertson’s Education

B.Sc. (Hon) Pharmacology/Toxicology, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Ph.D., Forensic Medicine, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Forensic Toxicology, National Medical Services Inc., Pennsylvania USA

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If you would like to contact Dr. Michael Robertson please email us. Dr. Robertson is often interstate presenting, lecturing or giving evidence as an expert witness hence it is the fastest way to contact him.


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