Testing Hair for Drugs Abuse


Test for illicit or prescribed drug abuse

If you would like to have hair tested for illicit or prescribed drug abuse this service is now offered at our clinic at Brunswick Health 68 Melville Road Brunswick West (between Victoria & Hope St’s).

Drugs may be detected in a hair sample for up to 2 years after drug abuse has ceased providing the hair during this period is still available (24 cm = 24 months). Drugs detected in urine, saliva or blood can only be detected for few weeks, which is why drug hair testing is the preferred method for legal matters.

Hair grows at an average rate of 1 cm per month (range can vary from 0.5 to 1.5 cm per month). The hair can be analysed in segments of 1cm length to represent approximately 1 month of hair growth.

The preferred segment length of hair for analysis is 3 centimetres. In general the longer the length of hair analysed, the more difficult it is to detect occasional drug use over the corresponding period. To avoid diluting drug concentrations in hair below the limit of detection, the lab recommends the maximum length of hair to be no longer than 6cm.

Head hair is the preferred sample however if this is not available then auxiliary hair (eg pubic, beard or underarm) can be analysed. Whilst head hair grows at an avearge rate of approximately 1 centimetre per month, auxiliary hair from other parts of the body grows at a much more variable rate and as such it is not possible to estimate a time frame from the length of the hair.

You will need to call (03) 9380 8099 to make an appointment to have the hair sample taken professionally as the procedure for this service vastly varies from other tests.

We are also able to attend workplace environments providing it is within 15 km of Melbourne CBD, a clean room is provided and multiple tests are required on the one visit.

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