Hair Testing for Minerals, Toxins and Heavy Metals


What is Hair Testing and Analysis?

Hair sample testing measures the mineral and toxin levels your body is absorbing using cutting edge technology.

Why use hair?

Hair is the second most metabolically active tissue in the body and by its very nature locks in a permanent record of your body’s most recent metabolic activities. Unlike blood that can fluctuate its mineral readings, hair accurately indicates what your minerals reserves are really up to. This is one of the reasons why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)chooses hair analysis to determine community exposure to toxic metals.

Minerals are the spark-plugs in the chemistry of life

Minerals are essential to life. Without minerals our body would not be able to break down food to produce energy, build living tissue, produce hormones or enzymes or indeed utilise effectively other nutrients. Essentially in the words of the late Dr. Henty Schoeder “minerals are the spark-plugs in the chemistry of life.”

Biochemical Individuality

Research conducted and published by Roger Williams PhD has shown that everybody has their own “biochemical individuality”. This means within the same family individuals can have significantly different nutritional needs depending on their age and size in order to maintain good health.

So how do you know what your body needs?

In more cases than not the problem if often the balance of minerals that is not quite right, rather than an outright deficiency. This balance is referred to as the “ratio” and is very significant when determining treatment outcomes.

A sample of hair is sent for assessment at a laboratory that guarantees scientific accuracy and provides you with detailed reports. The reports shows how you rate across 35 essential nutritional elements and toxic elements.

View which minerals and heavy metals our test will report on

This shows us if your body has the correct amount and balance of minerals so you can thrive & survive and if your body has absorbed toxins over time affecting your health.


Lead poisoning will cause learning disabilities and activity issues. At terribly high levels, it may cause seizures, coma, and even death.

 Hair holds vital information:

Vital information about your body’s chemical activities is locked in every strand of hair. So if you have been exposed to heavy metals from pollution or smoking or if you lived near areas where crop spraying or mining occurred your hair can hold the key to improving your health.

If you are suffering from an illness or syndrome that can not be identified through ordinary testing procedures or your current therapy is not getting the results you were hoping for, then Hair Mineral & heavy Metal Analysis is an effective screening tool that can help pinpoint your problem and guide the correct clinical approach.

If you are not sure what nutrients your body needs or if you have been taking supplements and want to check if they are helping, then hair analysis is a step in the right direction.

Give your body the right balance of nutrients and eliminate the toxins, just like nature it will flourish in the right environment.

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