Why Test Hair for Drugs?


Why test for drugs? It can be used for

  • Divorce proceedings to prove that a parent has or is still using illicit drugs.
  • Children suspected of drug abuse.
  • Child custody disputes and child welfare cases where a parent can be shown to be unfit to care for minors when drug usage is a determining factor.
  • Date rape investigations. Drugs (Flunitrazepam) can be detected in urine but to prove that the victim is not a usual user of this drug, hair drug testing can be used.
  • Employment screenings.
    • Pre-employment drug screening
    • Workplace accident investigations
    • Return to work testing
    • Random employee screenings
    • Wrongful dismissal at work. Drug hair testing can distinguish between a long term drug user and a social infrequent drug user.
  • Medical Misadventures
  • Accidental medical drug exposure
  • Suspected drug use amongst military personnel, hospital personnel or other professions where long hours at work are required such as truck drivers.
  • Athletes and drug usage
  • DUID Driving Under the Influence of Drugs. Motor vehicle accidents and fatalities while under the influence of drugs
  • Insurance Claims
  • Probation or parole cases to help determine if drug abuse is still occurring.
  • Monitoring drug users in drug rehabilitation centres or for persons incarcerated.

Testing hair for drug abuse


Benefits of Drug Testing for Employers

  • reduced insurance costs
  • reduced workers compensation claims and premiums
  • reduced costs from errors, accidents and fatalities
  • reduced costs from theft, fraud or violence
  • reduced legal costs
  • reduced medical costs
  • reduced chance of hiring and training unfit personnel
  • reduced absenteeism or turnover
  • reduced disciplinary actions
  • improved productivity
  • improved workplace morale


Benefits of Drug Testing for Spouses or Children

  • Early identification and professional help can be instigated
  • Results can be submitted to family court if drug abuse is suspected
  • Greater awareness regarding drug abuse and related issues
  • Hair drug testing detects drugs over a longer period of time (6 months) compared to urine or saliva drug testing (1 week).


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